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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: he was flying despite a history of suicidal tendencies. we have new revelations tonight about the pilot who took 149 people to their deaths. also tonight the prosecution rests after presenting some of the most disturbing evidence yet against the boston bomber. a new study tells us who has the highest risk of the deadliest breast cancer. and meet jon stewart's successor. >> mr. trevor noah trevor thanks for joining us captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we learn today that the flight into an alpine mountain began years ago. prosecutors in germany say andreas lubitz was treated for quote suicidal
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tendencies before he got his pilot's licence. last week when lubitz strapped into the cockpit on a lonely journey with 149 others, he left behind bottles of anti-depressants and a doctor's warning that he should not fly. allen pizzey now on a man in the depths of defs pair who wanted to soar. >> reporter: this video of andreas lubitz learning to fly a glider shows a young man with a dream coming true. why is it so calm today he asks. it's unbelievable. his eventual employers had no way of knowing he would turn his dream into a nightmare. today german prosecutor spokesman christoph kumpa said lubitz had been treated as a suicide risk for an extended period of time before he received a pilot's licence. transcripts of the cockpit voice recorder leaked to a german newspaper quote lubitz as saying hopefully and we'll see when asked to go overlanding procedures. the captain takes a bathroom
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break and comes back to a locked cockpit door. he knocks. bangs, then shouts, for god's sake, open the door. passengers scream. an automatic warning sound terrain, pull up. the only sound from lubitz is normal breathing. there is a noise like metal scraping a mountaintop more screams, then nothing. investigators also found anti-depressants in lubitz' apartment along with torn up doctors notes excusing him from work on the day of the crash. but kumpa said those notes didn't give any hint lubitz might be suicidal or aggressive. german doctors have a list of ailments including psychological issues that preclude a pilot from flying. but it's not public and prosecutors say lubitz hid his condition from his employers anyway. pilots undergo rig res physical exams but psychological testing is limited to self-reporting in the form of a questionnaire. lufthansa first officer mar markus wahl doesn't believe
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more psychological testing is the answer. >> i don't want them now each an every cockpit crew will be under sweeping suspicion, he said. pilots are part of the security culture not of the safety problem. >> reporter: a commission of 50 special investigators has been set up, scott and about 100 more police are involved in the effort to identify victims and figure out how and why they died. >> pelley: allen pizzey with the developments in the case for us tonight. allen, thank you very much. at the crash site today crews were trying to speed the recovery and identification of remains by building a road into the mountainside in the french alps. right now the only way is in by helicopter. the road is expected to be completed as soon as tomorrow. today prosecutors wound up their against admitted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar sash ef. elaine quijano tells us about the discurbing evidence presented to the jars who will decide whether sash ef lives or dies.
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>> prosecutors showed jurors this never before picture of dzhokhar tsarnaev just a few feet away from his youngest victim eight-year-old martin richard. chief medical examiner dr. henrey nields showed are jurors the clothes he was wearing an pointed out a gaping hole in the boy's shirt where the blast had blown apart his torso. one piece of metal nields testified appears to have entered and exited richard's body severing his spine. there were small nail, round metal pellets, there were small fragments of wood and black plastic. there was a piece of metal underneath the clothing nields said. the graphic testimony and autopsy pictures brought several jurors to tears. in the gallery richard's parents bill and denise quietly listened. the prosecution rested its case after 15 days of compelling testimony from survivors and law enforcement. the defense team acknowledged the guilt from
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the start but argued he was under the influence of his older brother tamerlan. his lower-- lawyers opened the case highlighting a series of ode tweets including this one from a year before the bombing which read hmmmm get breakfast or go back to sleep. this is always a tough one. an example his lawyers hoped to convince the jury that tsarnaev was a typical college student. the defense team strategy is to try to help him avoid the death penalty. scott defense lawyers are expected to wrap up their case in the next day or two. >> elaine quijano in boston tonight, thank you. >> tonight indiana lawmakers are considering changes to a new law that has set off protests. supporters say the law protects religious freedom. those oppose say it is a licence to discriminate against gays. adriana di. >> assuras: reports from indianapolis. >> we're here today trying to set the record straight. >> indiana republican leaders were in damage control mode today after a weekend of protests against
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the state's religious freedom law. state senator david long says the law which limited government interference with a person's religious beliefs just needs to be clarified. >> we don't believe anyone should be discriminated against. we want support that law if we thought that was the affect of it. >> the fact that you are considering this legislation that could clarify the law just four days after it was enacted, a find that you are buckling to public pressure? >> no, i think we're reacting to an obvious misconception about what the law does. >> the mayors of seattle and san francisco and the governor of connecticut have banned state employee business travel to indiana. apple c.e.o. tim cook called the law part of a dangerous trend. and just days before the final four here the indianapolis-based ncaa said it's concerned about how the law could affect student athletes. >> critics fear incidents like this one five years ago when an indianapolis bakery refused to make rainbow cookies for a college gay pride event. then owner david stockton.
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>> you know, we're a family-run business. and we have two young impressionable daughters. and you know we thought maybe it would be best, you know, not to do that. >> reporter: the owner eventually settled with the city for violating its anti-discrimination ordinance. democrats call the new law political appeasement to conservatives after an attempt to ban gay marriage failed last year. >> i've seen this happen. >> democratic state senator said the law is beyond redemption. >> they need to do a reversional, a 180 this and get us towards the path much helling the reputation of the state of indiana. >> 19 other states have similar laws. many were passed before gay marriage laws swept the nation. scott, for now it's indiana on the hot seat and appears both sides are digging in. >> pelley: adriana, thanks very much. police took no chances today when an suv rushed the security gate outside the national security agency in fort meade maryland.
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it wasn't terrorism. the truth was a bit more bizarre. here's jeff pegues. >> reporter: when it was all over, there were pieces of two smashed up suvs littering the road. one suspect was dead another seriously injured. a police officer for the national security agency was also hurt. investigators say shortly before 9 a.m. two men in a stolen suv and dressed as women pulled up to this nsa gate at the fort meade military in maryland. police ordered the men to turn around and leave but investigators say their vehicle failed to stop and barriers were deployed. then the nsa says the suv accelerated toward a police cruiser blocking the road. police opened fire killing the driver and wounding the passenger. the stolen vehicle crashed into the nsa police suv. the nsa is one of the country's chief spy agencies and its headquarters is one of the nation's most heavily guarded complexes but
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today's incident is the second security breach in second weeks. earlier this month a man was arrested for randomly firing shots in the direction of one of the buildings. as in that case law enforcement officials do not believe today's incident is tied to terrorism. >> the wounded man has been identified as kevin fleming and police say that he has a criminal record. scott, investigators also say the two men had a gun and a small amount of cocaine and why they tried to get on the pace is still unknown. >> jeff pegues reporting in washington jeff thanks very much. a fresno california firefighter is fighting for his life. after falling into an inferno yesterday. he was on the roof of a burning garage when it opened up. he was trapped for several minutes. the 25 year veteran has not been identified but he's in critical condition. with second and third degree burns over 65% of his body. >> this evening talks aimed at stopping iran from making
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a nuclear bomb are less than 24 hours from their deadline. but big differences remain. margaret brennan is covering in switzerland. rted iranian negotiators are playing hardball. a sign that the regime may not be get wag it wants from the u.s. and five other world powers. >> iran had reportedly agreed to send a large part of its stockpile of nuclear fuel to russia where it would be made unusable in a warhead. but yesterday a top iranian diplomat publicly rejected that plan. u.s. officials said that was to the a deal breaker and that keeping the fuel in the country was a possibility as long as there were rigorous inspections. iran is also insisted that sanctions be lifted immediately. demands like that only further antagonized israeli prime minister netanyahu who said the emerging deal was far worse than feared. >> will this make their move forward more moderate or make it more extreme. i think it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: netanyahu
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appeared with american republican lawmakers including senate majority -- majority leader mitch mcconnell. republicans have not hid third own disdain for the talks and threatened to increase sanctions and block any deal with iran. >> talks are continuing tonight and into tomorrow. even if there is a deal iran's supreme leader said will refuse to sign it until all the technical details are worked out. and that fine print won't be written for another three months. >> margaret brennan covering the negotiations for us in switzerland, margaret, thank you. and in washington tonight house republicans are considering their next move after learning that the private e-mail server that hillary clinton used as secretary of state has been wiped clean. they have been demanding access to it in their investigation of the 2012 benghazi attacks. and we have more now from nancy cordes. >> clinton has until friday to comply with the republican request to hand her server over to a third party for review.
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but a letter from her lawyer makes it clear that's not happening. even if such review were appropriate or legally authorized, he writes, it would be pointless because at the end of the lastier clinton asked that her account be reset to retain only the most recent 60 days of e-mails. republican trey gowdy chairs the benghazi committee. >> the decision particularly after congressional investigation has begun to summarily delete or bip clean public record, i think was a pretty bold move on her behalf. >> clinton's lawyer says the server was purged only after the secretary's personal attorneys identified all work related e-mails and handed them over to the state department. >> i chose not to keep my private personal e-mails. >> in a press conference earlier this month clinton described deleting her personal e-mails but not the work related ones and vowed that her private server would remain private. >> what do you think about
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this republican idea of having an independent third party come in and examine your e-mail. >> i went above and beyond what i was requested to do. and people will be able to judge for themselves. >> republican leaders tell us they will call on clinton to go before congress at least twice once to talk about her e-mail arrangement and then to talk about benghazi. clinton has agreed to testify, scott but she hasn't said anything about making multiple appearances. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill, thank you. coming up, the diagnosis many fear. >> once they said the word cancer you pretty much don't hear anything else. >> pelley: a new report tells who's most likely to die of breast cancer. and forget football tom brady tries something really dangerous when the "cbs evening news" continues. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day
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defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look. fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> pelley: today we learned why some women are at much higher risk of the deadliest form of breast cancer. dr. jon lapook now on a new report that has the most detailed analysis of the disease to date. >> zelma watkins was only 44 when a routine mammogram turned up something suspicious. >> the fact that i had a mammogram every year and they never had to take additional pictures, i was thinking that something was not quite right.
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>> watkins had breast cancer. oncologist define breast cancer into four different molecular types that help determine treatment. the most common form with the best prognosis is treatable with hormoneal therapy. but watkins had the deadliest form called triple negative requiring intensive chemotherapy. >> once they say the word cancer you pretty much don't hear anything else. >> today's report found black women have nearly twice the rate of triple negative breast cancer as white women. and the highest mortality rate from any form of breast cancer. researchers used to think the poor outcome in blacks was due to higher poverty rates leading to delays in diagnosis an treatment. dr. lisa newman say surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer. >> there were actually other clues that there might be some biologic differences in breast cancer as well. this report confirms that suspicion. breast cancer afflicts african-american women in different ways. >> watkins volunteers with
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sisters network inc. a group that does breast cancer education and outreach for black women. >> i don't know why i had triple negative breast cancer. it does not run in my family. but the fact that i was receiving my annual mammograms it was detected at an early stage. >> dr. newman stressed that breast cancer has the breast prognosis when caught early as happened with zelma watkins. she said that makes screening especially important in black women who are at the highest risk for the deadliest form. >> pelley: critical advice jon, thanks very much. a couple of other medical studies caught our eye today. one debunks an old proverb. it turns out folks who eitan apple a day have about the same number of doctor visit as folks who don't. and about the widespread belief that more males are conceived than females, another study says not so. it's about even. >> how do you like them apples. in a home a surprise new entry into the world of late
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>> pelley: well, today we learned who will be succeeding jon stewart later this month as host of the daily show. after the flood of speculation, the job goes to noah. >> from south africa, mr. trevor noah, trevor thank you for joining us. >> pelley: the 31 year ol stand-up comic is the by racial son of a south african mother and swiss father. he debutted on the daily show just a few months ago. >> i have been holding my
6:52 pm
arms like this since i got here yeah. i never thought i would be more afraid of police in america than in south africa. it kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home. >> pelley: is he well-known there, a 2011 dualary followed his rise in south africa's post apartheid era. >> if ever this comedy thing doesn't work out, i have something to fall back on. >> pelley: noah made only three appearances on the daily show before he was named the program's third host. jon stewart succeeded craig kilborn 16 years ago. some of the biggest names in music appeared on stage in new york today to introduce their own on-line streaming service to compete with spotify an pandora. the service was recently bought by jay z and will be called title. speaking for the group alecia keys said they hope to create a better experience for artists and fans. we are guessing that quite a few new england patriots fans
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fainted when they saw the video of their quarterback posted on facebook. tom brady on vacation in costa rica. he looks yup, and then he leaps from a cliff 50 feet into the pool below. he popped up unscathed. the super bowl mvp wrote never doing that again. coach bill belichick will be happy to hear that. another new england superstar was honored today. politics was his game. and we'll have his story next. this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by: anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these
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>> pelley: the united states senate has been called the world's greatest deliberative body and one of the most dysfunctional. well today a new institute opened showing the senate as it was meant to be. it was inspired by senator ted kennedy who died in 2009. here's chip reid. >> on the floor of the senate today vice president joe biden called on a politician who hasn't been heard from in a long time. >> the first president of the united states senate john adams. >> as you might have guessed it wasn't the real john adams and this isn't the real senate. the speakers were high-school students and the
6:57 pm
senate is a full-sized replica at the brand-new edward m. kennedy institute for the u.s. senate in boston. with the help of president obama, it was dedicated today. >> and no one made the senate come alive like ted kennedy. >> reporter: making the senate come alive is exactly what kennedy had in mind when he proposed building a model of the senate where up to 100 students at a time can write, debate and vote on legislation. jean maccormack is the institute president. >> are you inviting futurer voters or senators withs. >> we hope to in-- inspire both. >> they also want to inspire the students to reach across the aisle. kennedy was a fierst partisan. >> this is special interest legislation this say political payoff. make no mistake about it. >> but he was also one of the most productive senators in u.s. history because he knew his bills wouldn't pass without republican support. some of his former republican partners were here today including john mccain and trent lott.
6:58 pm
>> yes a republican from mississippi. >> across the hall from the senate chamber is a replica of kenny's -- kennedy's office full of family mott photos. >> den dee's son told us how his father used the office to connect with colleagues in both parties. >> people were intimidated by him. but when they saw that he loved dogs when he had kids around, when he was around his family it immediately softened them up. and allowed my father really to do the business of this nation. >> today that business often comes to a grinding halt in the real snapt, but here in the model senate there's hope for a bipartisan future. >> the senate stands adjourned. >> chip reid cbs news boston. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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bieber, beyonce, angelina jolie. a weekend full of star surprises. >> it was, we've got the story behind their unexpected appearances. >> different is good. >> angie's joy with her kids after surgery. her heartfelt message. >> hold your head up high and be proud. >> plus, inside destiny child reunion. michelle williams is right here. she's going to share how they kept it all secret. >> then, are casper and j. lo back together? we have new video. and we are talking to casper. >> and what's mariah doing with director brett ratner? their new interview. >> justin remembers to crash ariana's concert but her lyrics. >> the words. >> will bieber have better luck channeling ozzy?


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